About Us

Offering products and services that help restaurants adapt to changing consumer trends, technology and economy 

We Are your 3rd Party integrator.

With Order Incoming, restaurants seamlessly manage all third-party delivery partners through one simple system.

Seamlessly integrate your point of sale (POS) software, menus, and multiple third-party marketplaces, with an innovative platform that’s continuously improving with new features. We fit your needs as the industry evolves.

Rapid platform launch

It generally takes 2-3 business days from the time you sign on with Order Incoming to launching your integration.

No surprises

Simple fess.

Continuous order confirmation

Your orders are confirmed within 15 seconds when you use our platform.

Menu savvy

We can accommodate sudden menu changes and don’t require you to build a separate menu in order to use our platform.

Future of Food Delivery

Connecting 3rd party with your POS!

Order application will helps you manage new online orders and automatically send the information to driver.  

We send information about new orders directly to our app or to your POS, so you don’t need to retype them. 

You can  check all your orders from all providers and send notification to your driver all in one place – Order Incoming!