About Dotykačka


Dotykačka is a provider of comprehensive solutions and services in the field of online POS systems – trusted by thousands of customers – addressed to small and medium-sized companies in the following sectors: gastronomy, retail, hospitality and services.

The company was founded in 2015 and from a dynamically developing start-up it has now grown into one of the European leaders on the market of modern online POS systems. Dotykačka software has been tested by over 100,000 users around the World.

Dotykacka POS

Dotykačka’s modern online POS system, running on the Android platform, provides micro, small and medium-sized companies with efficient and reliable support in their daily business activities. Devices provided by Dotykačka cooperate smoothly and securely with a wide range of hardware and accessories, such as online fiscal printers, payment terminals, scales, cash drawers, barcode readers and many more.

The Dotykačka Group, with its headquarters located in Prague – together with its parent company Solitea – serves every day over 25,000 commercial users. The company has sales offices in Czechia, Slovakia, Poland and Germany. In selected markets, solutions developed by Dotykačka are offered under the Dotypos brand.


More information: www.dotypos.com