How it work

That is really simple, just 4 steps 

Menu orderincoming

Setup your menu

Setup your menu in one place. You decided with menu will be send to with provider, like Uber Eats, Glovo o others. 


Select witch partner you need to activate

From all our integration partners you can pick those with you are interested in. Online food aggregate, online ordering systems like Upmenu and Restaumatic, and food raiders.  

Android Order Incoming

Orders managing

In one place you can manage your orders and check their statuses. 86 – out of stock – will help you with a dish with are temporary missing in your menu. 


External riders

To help you with your orders our partner raiders are ready to help you – Stava, Deligoo, and Let’s Deliver. Yes, with them you still don’t need to manually retype information 😉